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Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc.

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   • Check Air Duct Return/Supply for any mold, dirt build-up or bacteria etc.

    • Check Air Filters

    • Check Indoor Air Quality

    • Check Refrigerant Level

    • Check Electrical Connections & relays

    • Check Controls wiring

    • Check Voltage & amperage

    • Check Thermostat Operation

    • And make sure system is ready to be used for winter

 Central Air, Radiators & HVAC Winterization  Package include: 

 Inspection of:

    • Entire Air Duct Return 

    • Entire Air Duct Supply

    • Registers, Griles, Diffusers, Dampers

    • HVAC Equipment

    • Radiators/Heaters & Valves


    • Closing the Fresh Air Dampers

    • Sealing the leaks if any

    • Tighten loose connections if any

    • Check for condensation on piping

    • Patch missing insulation on piping

    • Open the heat valve on Radiators

    • Check temperature rating levels

    • Insulate the air conditioners properly 

Central Air Winterization, Thru-the-wall AC Winterization and HVAC Winterization NYC

PTAC Winterizing, HVAC System, Ducted Central Air Conditioning System,  Radiators Winterizing

In winter, do you have cold drafts coming into your home through the air conditioner? 

We have the solution!

People living in high rise buildings, especially in Manhattan, often complain of cold drafts coming into their apartments during winter time. This can be an everyday problem with different solutions. The solution best for you depends on your type of AC. This can be applied on variety of different types of air conditioning systems: PTAC Winterization, Central Air Winterization, Thru-the-wall Air Conditioner Winterization and Radiators Winterization.

FOR THRU-THE-WALL AIR CONDITIONERS OR PTAC UNITS Cold drafts coming in through the through-the-wall air conditioners or PTAC wall sleeves can be resolved on site. We will winterize your air conditioner in the winter and then the following spring, we'll come back to de-winterize.  This service requires two visits; 

First Visit: This visit is performed preferably before winter starts. It includes;

  • Brief inspection of the unit
  • Insulating the unit from rear side and around the unit. 

Second Visit: This visit is performed the following spring before you are ready to use your air conditioner. It includes;

FOR WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS: This is an off-site solution. A special winter storage service is available for all window air conditioners. Please click here for more info: Winter Storage