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Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc.

477 Madison Avenue
6th Floor, # 6948

Phone:  646.863.2132  


 We specialize in all types of PTAC Units, Heat & Cool Units  and Through-the-wall Air Conditioner installations  including other accessories;

    • Through-the-Wall Metal Sleeve (PTAC & Regular)

    • Louvers & Grilles (Regular or Architectural)

    • PTAC unit Heating coils & Cooling chassis 

    • PTAC unit Valves, Traps, Sensors and Thermostats

    • PTAC unit Room Cabinets and Enclosures

    • PTAC unit Plenum Assembly


If your PTAC is not blowing hot air in winter, Don't Panic!!!

Don't get ripped-off by someone. Be smart!!! . 

Call us immediately at 646-863-2132

Photo on the right side is called an Actuator. 

It's installed on the pipes attached to the PTAC.

If your PTAC is not blowing hot air, in 95% of the cases this little component is found defective that prevents the hot water or steam to pass through the coils and ultimately your PTAC stops blowing hot air. 

There are PTAC companies operating in Manhattan, NY who would charge you unbelievable amounts of money (anywhere from $400 to $800) for this little issue that can be fixed on-site for a very reasonable price. You as a consumer end up spending a lot of money with these companies who take advantage of your situation because of winter time.

Call us, get our price, compare us with any other company.

You should pick up the one you believe is most honest and professional.

Call Neptune Air Conditioning at 646-863-2132 for 

Air Conditioner Repair and Air Conditioner Service in

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York, NYC

HVAC Repair - HVAC Service - AC Repair - AC Service

​Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York City, NYC

 Room AC, Window AC, Thru-the-Wall AC, PTAC Units, Central Air, FCU, WSHP

Is your air conditioner malfunctioning or has experienced a sudden breakdown?

Air conditioners are essentially machines and have a variety of components in it operating simultaneously. Sometimes these components do breakdown or malfunction suddenly. Once it happens, owners usually have two options, either to have it fixed by professional & experienced technicians or buy a new air conditioner from a reputed company. The choice of whether to repair or to buy new, depends upon few of the factors;

  • Defective parts availability and lead-time
  • The type and amount of damage that occurred
  • Repair estimate
  • Difference in repair estimate & price of the new unit

What to do when it happens and ac repair is needed?

No need to worry. We do not want our clients to suffer due to lack of a working air conditioner. Call Neptune Air Conditioning immediately and speak to one of our representatives. Describe the problem and we will help you in delivering the right solution that fits your needs and budget. Our certified and friendly technicians at Neptune Air conditioning, Inc. have the experience to repair all your residential and commercial air conditioning equipment. Our professional office staff is trained and extremely knowledgeable to help diagnose the issues you’re having – while providing an affordable solution. We place an emphasis on frequent training of our entire team. In order to expedite the repair, we carry a vide range of Inventory.  90% of the parts are immediately available to fix the majority of issues. If something is not immediately available, it will be arranged on a priority basis to help you get your air conditioner working. We try to deliver the quality services and replace parts on-site for a quick response-time. 

If your heating system is not fully functional in the middle of winter, it could lead to significant health and operational issues. At Neptune Air Conditioning, we keep our trucks fully stocked with different parts that are needed to repair heating equipment, PTAC units and other air conditioners to keep your business running strong around the clock – or to keep your home comfortably warm. 

Check our Parts & Accessories section to have a glimpse of some of our inventory. 

We do repair and service of all kind of air conditioning systems in NYC area:

Window air conditioner repair and service in NYC

Thru-the wall air conditioner repair and service in NYC

PTAC units repair and service in NYC

Water source heat pumps repair and service in NYC

Portable air conditioner repair and service in NYC

Mini ductless split system repair and service in NYC

Fan coil units repair and service in NYC