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Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc.

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Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc.

477 Madison Avenue
6th Floor, # 6948

Phone:  646.863.2132  


ROOM AIR CONDITIONING SALES & SERVICE LEADER since 2014, neptune Air Conditioning, has built an unmatched reputation for giving consumers in the Greater New York Area value with regard to sales, service, storage, and other air-conditioning needs and products. Providing window and through-the-wall room air conditioners for apartments, homes, offices, cooperatives, condos, health-care and other facilities is our only business. We have sold, serviced, overhauled, delivered and installed over 1 million air conditioners and combination heating and cooling units (which are also known as PTACs).Our large volume enables us to offer low prices that include delivery and installation. Our experienced service experts, parts department, and installation crews give our customers worry-free maintenance; prolong a unit's life; and result in greater efficiency, for still more savings. These are advantages you will not get from an appliance store or other so-called specialists. neptune air conditioning offers a free room survey so you get an air conditioner that matches your actual needs.We carry Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, LG, and other fine brands, and we service all major makes. Our company often has limited discount offers, for pre-season sales, Spring checkouts, anti-pollution cleaning, and other good deals. We also overhaul units to make them perform like new. Our company also sells sleeves. neptune air conditioning carries $6 million of liability insurance and workers compensation.For the very best values in room air conditioners, call us today at 646-863-2132. We invite you to explore our web site, and to email us at

Our Values

HONESTY – Do the right thing for the right reason, we promote honesty and ethical behavior, bring honesty, fairness, professionalism and respect when dealing with our customers, suppliers and employees, while we deliver the highest level of customer service.

TENACITY - Relentlessly and persistently pursue excellence while staying open to solutions and overcoming obstacles, keeping customer focused until proven success.

COMMUNITY - Committed to provide the highest quality and value in air conditioning services to our community, we exist to serve the community, being involved and responsive as a community resource, we participate and invest where we do business, sustaining a positive image and be a trusted partner.

DIVERSITY - Embrace our visible and invisible differences, we accept and celebrate all ages, faiths, nationalities and races, we believe that these differences are what strengthens our company and our community as a whole.

HUMILITY - Recognize that we’re not always right, that ideas can come from others, be able to admit our mistakes, be willing to learn from the mistakes of ourselves and others, and remembering that there’s always a lesson to be learned in everything.

Our Mission

Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc., will deliver the highest value to our customers, suppliers and employees as the premier Air Conditioning services company in New York City. The future is sure to bring more innovation, new services and newer technology to improve air conditioning delivery, installations, adding new products and services to sell. NAC will continue to shape and lead the market helping New York residents and its businesses stay comfortable while advancing with environmentally conscious change. 

About Us

We’re experienced Air Conditioning professionals who continue to educate ourselves in technology while maintaining a safe, clean work environment.  We practice and follow GREEN recycling policies and laws knowing the importance to NYC, our customers and our families.  We exceed required certifications of NYC and NYS to enhance our skills while ensuring the success of our mission. We strive to help our customers, their families and associates enjoy a harmonious, healthy, comfortable atmosphere. 

Our Team

Our team includes highly experienced professionals who posses a wide range of industry certifications and credentials. 

Our Certifications include but are not limited to:

Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP)

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Certified AUTO CAD Professional

Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED

OSHA Certified in 10 hours & 30 Hours

EPA Certified

FDNY F60 Fire Guard for Torch Operations & Construction Site

FDNY G60 Torch Use of Flammable Gases

FDNY A35 Operation and Maintenance of Air Compressors

NYC DOB 4 Hour Supported Scaffold and ladders Users