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Types of Installations

 It depends on the type of unit you have. No  installation is impossible for our well-  trained installers. Here are few types

  • Room Air Conditioner Installations
  • Window air conditioner installations 
  • Through-the-wall installations 
  • Top Mounted Window AC Installations
  • Lower Mounted Window AC Installations
  • Casement Window Air Conditioner Installations
  • PTAC Units installations
  • Fan Coil Units Installations
  • Portable Air Conditioner installations
  • Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) installations
  • Roof-top Units Installations
  • Ductless split system Indoor & Outdoor Installations
  • Air Handler Installations
  • Condensing Units Installations

Air Conditioner Bird Spikes Installation NYC

 Top Mounted AC Installation | Lower Mounted AC Installation | Casement Window AC Installation

Bird Spikes, Pigeon Guards, Chicken Wire

AC pigeon spikes

Do bird-dropping or birdroosting bother you?

As a solution, we use Bird Spikes Kit. This is a humane way to prevent pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, swallows andmore from landing and roosting on buildings and other areas. Durable stainless-steel spikes are branched out from a clear polycarbonate plastic base. Each strip can be affixed to any surface using adhesive or silicone for 

effective bird control.

  • Stops bird roosting
  • Dense, branched spikes offer optimal coverage
  • Permanent solution for bird control
  • Durable construction for long-term use
  • Flexible base can be mounted with an adhesive on most surfaces
  • Stops pigeons and other birds from landing
  • Barely visible
  • Humane bird control

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