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If your PTAC is not blowing hot air in winter, Don't Panic!!!

Don't get ripped-off by someone. Be smart!!! . 

Call us immediately at 646-863-2132

Photo on the right side is called an Actuator. 

It's installed on the pipes attached to the PTAC.

If your PTAC is not blowing hot air, in 95% of the cases this little component is found defective that prevents the hot water or steam to pass through the coils and ultimately your PTAC stops blowing hot air. 

There are PTAC companies operating in Manhattan, NY who would charge you unbelievable amounts of money (anywhere from $400 to $800) for this little issue that can be fixed on-site for a very reasonable price. You as a consumer end up spending a lot of money with these companies who take advantage of your situation because of winter time.

Call us, get our price, compare us with any other company.

You should pick up the one you believe is most honest and professional.

Call us for for sale, repair and installation of 

McQuay PTAC units, Iceair PTAC Units and Islandaire PTAC Units in NYC


Our installers are true professionals from start to finish: they are well trained, well disciplined and well groomed. Our installers are equipped with state of the art equipment and materials to assist in providing you with a quality air conditioner installation. They are true tradesmen. 

Neptune Air Conditioning is proud of our installers and upon completion of your installation so will you. Our installers are EPA  & OSHA certified and factory trained. These certifications are earned through the highest standard of testing within the heating & air conditioning industry. We go to great lengths to protect your home and personal belongings during the installation by using drop cloths, and foot booties. 

Neptune Air Conditioning wants your business and will earn it through our professional services. We will exceed your expectations. In our eyes everything matters, and we want you to experience nothing less then perfection and the best customer service you expect and deserve.

We sell, repair and install McQuay PTAC units, Iceair PTAC Units and Islandaire PTAC Units in NYC, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island

Neptune's exclusive

Warranty on Air Conditioner

& HVAC Installations


Because we believe if it's done right the first time, it's done right forever and we know what we do. It's that simple

Islandaire PTAC Air Conditioner, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Neptune Air Conditioner, NYC
McQuay PTAC Air Conditioner, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Neptune Air Conditioner, NYC
IceAir PTAC Air Conditioner, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Neptune Air Conditioner, NYC
GE Zoneline PTAC Air Conditioner, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Neptune Air Conditioner, NYC
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Friedrich PTAC Air Conditioner, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner, Neptune Air Conditioner, NYC

Thru-the-wall sleeve installation?

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Through the wall air conditioner or PTAC?

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        Friedrich                       Frigidiare                      GE Zoneline                   IceAir                      McQuay             Islandaire 

 We specialize in all types of PTAC Units, Heat & Cool Units  and Through-the-wall Air Conditioner installations  including other accessories;

    • Through-the-Wall Metal Sleeve (PTAC & Regular)

    • Louvers & Grilles (Regular or Architectural)

    • PTAC unit Heating coils & Cooling chassis 

    • PTAC unit Valves, Traps, Sensors and Thermostats

    • PTAC unit Room Cabinets and Enclosures

    • PTAC unit Plenum Assembly

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC Units) in NYC

Room AC, Window AC, Casement AC, Built-in AC, Low Profile, Slide-out, Heat pumps, Electric Heat


About PTAC Unit:  

A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (often abbreviated PTAC) is a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system commonly found in hotels, motels, senior housing facilities, hospitals, condominiums, apartment buildings, add-on rooms & sunrooms. Many are designed to go through a wall, having vents and heat sinks both inside and outside. Different standard dimensions are available including 42×16 inches (1067 x 406 mm), 36x15 inches, and 40x15 inches. PTAC units are unique air conditioning units. PTAC units act much like a standard window or wall air conditioning unit but are meant for thru the wall installations. Besides providing you cooling comfort in the hot weather days of summertime, PTAC units also provide you heat to warm your surroundings in the cold winter days. 

PTAC unit or Wall AC?

PTAC units are not meant for every application where a window or wall unit can go, there are many reasons for that, one such being they require more work for installation and are a permanent fixture to the house. With a window air conditioning unit all you need to do is open the window and remove the air conditioner, with a PTAC unit you invest in opening a hole into the wall for the sleeve. These units also do not come in as many varied BTU sizes as window or wall air conditioners do. Both styles of air conditioning units work with the same basic parts and both air conditioning units require the same maintenance of the filter.

PTAC units are generally larger, more expensive, and require specialized care. When the PTAC unit does need repair this is where we come in, we have a crew of professional servicemen who only work on PTAC units, this is their skilled specialty. Our crew of professional servicemen will come to your home and diagnose all functions of the PTAC unit. Doing this will ensure you the peace of mind that the unit will be repaired correctly, they will explain to you what needs to be done, what the cost will be and when you can expect a proper working PTAC unit returned to you.

We here at Neptune Air Conditioning are proud to mention that most of the requests for service on PTAC units only require the PTAC unit to undergo a deep steam cleaning process. This single procedure usually rectifies the ailments of the unit and returns it to factory standards. We commonly work on popular brands such as McQuay, Islandaire, Ice-Cap, Ice-Air, Suburban, GE and IEC.

Although PTAC units are used mostly to heat or cool a single living space using only electricity (with resistive and/or heat pump heating), there are cooling-only PTAC units with external heating through a hydronic heating coil or natural gas heating.