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Neptune's Residential Air Duct Cleaning NYC

You and your family deserve clean, comfortable indoor air from your HVAC system. You also deserve accurate, and low utility bills, as well. One way to achieve these ideals is to make sure

that your air ducts are kept  clean and contaminant free.  Neptune Air Conditioning specializes in inspecting andcleaning  residential air ducts for home dwellers in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. We offer convenient and affordable solutions that bring clean and fresh indoor air to you all year long. 

Why is residential air duct cleaning service so important to home dwellers?
Did you know that every time your furnace, or air conditioning unit turns on, it sucks up pollutants and allergens right into the unit? Some particles are re-circulated back into the air, but others stay inside your HVAC system, and begin collecting on the walls and floors of your air ducts.These pollutants can consist of dust mites, pollen, bacteria, animal and human dander, drywall dust, cooking vapors, household chemicals, and many more! Because these pollutants are so small, many people are fooled into thinking that they are harmless. In reality, a little goes a long way in the dirty air duct business. For instance, one small teaspoon of dust from your air ducts can contain over half a million, dust mite fecal pellets. No wonder so many people suffer from coughing, sneezing, headaches, watery eyes and itchy skin when they breathe in dirty indoor air. Studies from the Environmental Protection Agency give alarming statistics about the quality of our residential indoor air (70% dirtier than our outdoor air) and there is no end in sight.


What can I, as a homeowner do to get better quality indoor air?

Call Neptune Air Conditioning today, and set an appointment to inspect and/or clean your home air ducts. We offer free estimates, convenient appointments, and top quality workmanship. Lower your utility bills, and feel better at the same time. You deserve to start breathing in clean, fresh, indoor air at home, so call our telephone number today.


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