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Plexiglass Installation on Bottom Window Air Conditioner: Believe it or not there is more to air conditioner installation than throwing it in the window, extending the side louvers and putting in a few screws.  We will professionally install your room air conditioner using masonite or plexiglass side panels and aluminum bars.  This will add strength and eliminate drafts.  No need to remove your air conditioners for the winter time when we perform the air conditioner installation.  We are very familiar with Local Law 11 and will install your air conditioner with wall mounted brackets if they are required.  Most often, air conditioners can be installed so that the top window can still open.  This makes it possible to open the window to get air or for cleaning.

Plexiglass Installation on Top of Window Air Conditioner: Many of our customers request upper window installations.  Whether its to maximize air flow in your room or to simply allow for a better view out of your window. We can easily perform these kinds of installation with plexiglass by removing unnecessary accordions.

Plexiglass Installation on Over the Door Air Conditioner: Businesses often require over the door (transom) installations.  We have installed thousands of units in this manner.  We are experienced in building custom boxes to deal with roll down security gates or any other specific challenges your project presents. Wherever possible, it's best to replace accordions with plexiglass for visibility.

Plexiglass Installation with Through The Wall Air Conditioner: We have installed numerous Through the wall air conditioner with plexiglass and fiberglass installation where sleeve size is different than the chassis size. 

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Let we remove those ugly looking accordions with nice looking plexiglass

Top mounted Window AC

​installed with


Lower mounted Window AC

​installed with


Window Air Conditioner

​installed with Accordions

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Types of Installations

 It depends on the type of unit you have. No  installation is impossible for our well-  trained installers. Here are few types

  • Room Air Conditioner Installations
  • Window air conditioner installations 
  • Through-the-wall installations 
  • Top Mounted Window AC Installations
  • Lower Mounted Window AC Installations
  • Casement Window Air Conditioner Installations
  • PTAC Units installations
  • Fan Coil Units Installations
  • Portable Air Conditioner installations
  • Water Source Heat Pump (WSHP) installations
  • Roof-top Units Installations
  • Ductless split system Indoor & Outdoor Installations
  • Air Handler Installations
  • Condensing Units Installations

Air Conditioner Plexiglass Installation NYC

 Top Mounted AC Installation | Lower Mounted AC Installation | Casement Window AC Installation

Replace Accordions with Plexiglass

AC plexi glass

You don't like the side panels or accordions around the window air conditioners?

If you don't like the side panels or accordions on your window air conditioners, or don't want to darken the room or if you want to have a beautiful view of the city's Skyline, you don't have to look around and figure out what to do. We can easily replace these accordions or panels with Acrylic Plexiglass. It's a lightweight, impact resistant, transparent material that is a great replacement for glass.

  • 20 Times stronger than glass
  • Lightweight - easy to handle
  • Insulates better than glass
  • Easy to cut using common tools
  • Provides excellent insulation

Choices of color: Plexiglass comes in Black, Translucent and Transparent colors

Benefits of replacing accordions with plexiglass installation: 

a) Perfectly seals the air conditioner from all sides

b) Prevents dirt and hot air to pass into the room in summer

c) Be able to see outside through clear plexiglass

d) Saves energy and be able to use the full cooling capacity of the air conditioner because no hot air passes into the room

​Whether it is a Window AC unit or a Thru-the-Wall AC unit, we can do plexiglass installation in a quick, clean and professional manner. Simple plexiglass installation or custom plexiglass installation are not a problem. Supports, Brackets and Reinforcements can all be utilized to make sure that the unit is installed according to rules and regulations. Do you need the unit installed in the upper window?  No Problem! If you prefer clear plexiglass installation instead of the standard sleeves (accordion looking things) for improved light and visibility, that can be done as well. Whatever you need, we will be glad to advise you on the situation. Estimates are always free and we do not ask for money up-front!