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Call Neptune Air Conditioning at 646-863-2132 for Lower mounted support bracket Installation,  Top mounted support bracket installation, Window air conditioner support bracket installation, Wall mounted support bracket installation, Custom or improvised support bracket installation in

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Air Conditioner Support angles and bar Installation Neptune Air Conditioning, NYC, New York, NY
Wall Air Conditioner Support brackets Installation Neptune Air Conditioning, NYC, New York, NY
Angle Air Conditioner Support brackets Installation Neptune Air Conditioning, NYC, New York, NY
Friedrich Air Conditioner Support brackets Installation Neptune Air Conditioning, NYC, New York, NY
Universal Air Conditioner Support brackets Installation Neptune Air Conditioning, NYC, New York, NY
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Wall AC Support Bracket
Angle AC Support Bracket
Friedrich AC Support Bracket
Single AC Support Bracket

In NYC, Window Air Conditioners must be securely installed per NYC Local Law 11/98

At Neptune Air Conditioning, We are equipped with all the proper tools, material and possess extensive experience in all types of AC Support Bracket installation, Single Universal AC Bracket installation, Friedrich AC Support Bracket installation, Metal AC Bracket installation and Wall mounted Support Bracket installation.

For Top mounted air conditioners, most of the times it's impossible to install support brackets due to glass window on the bottom. Alternatively, We have improvised, built and installed numerous AC Cradles that support the air conditioner from all sides. 

Besides installing AC Support Bracket installation, We sell all types of domestic and commercial line room air conditioners, window air conditioners, thru-the-wall air conditioners, in-built ac, slide-out ac, Electric heat AC, Heat Pumps, PTAC units, Fan Coil Units (FCU), Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP), Ductless Split Systems, Portable Air Conditioners (PAC) and window air conditioners. 
New York City Local Law 11 (Local Law 11/98) requires that all window air conditioners installed in multi-dwelling buildings (6 stories and taller) be secured properly. NYC Department of Building has issued below Installation Guidelines for window mounted air conditioners:

  • Make sure the unit is installed securely. Support the unit from underneath, or firmly fasten it from inside with angles. You may use metal brackets, mounting rails, etc.
  • Supporting metal brackets, interior angles, etc. should be structurally fastened to the building and must be strong enough for the size and weight of the AC unit.
  • Objects or shims used to adjust the position of the AC unit must have an independent source of fastening or attachment.
  • Secure leveling objects to prevent movement and shifting due to vibrations from the AC unit, wind and other weather conditions.
  • Install the AC unit so it remains in place when the window is opened, or affix it so that the window can’t be opened accidentally.
  • Tilt the unit slightly to provide water drainage, but don’t over tilt.
  • Do not use loose objects - such as wood blocking, bricks, telephone books, gypsum board or cans - to support the leveling of the AC unit.
  • Do not place anything (TV antennae, satellite dishes, plants, etc.) on top of the AC unit.
  • Do not block fire escape windows or other exits with the AC unit.

Neptune Air Conditioning has worked with many building managers to get their residents into compliance with Local Law 11 at an affordable price. We help create an awareness campaign in the building and then offer reduced pricing to all residents who wish to hire us for their air conditioner bracket installation. ​

Violations can lead to penalties and why to wait for that? 
When a truly unsafe condition is discovered  during an inspection, the DOB will send its own inspector to look at the place. Under the new Local Law 11 rules, “An owner who fails to correct any unsafe condition will face a penalty of $1,000  per month, until the condition has been corrected, and an acceptable amended  report has been filed. ​