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Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc.

477 Madison Avenue
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Phone:  646.863.2132  


Call Neptune Air Conditioning at 646-863-2132 for 

Window Air Conditioner Winter Storage in

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York, NYC

What's included in the AC Winter Storage package:

  • Removal of your Air Conditioner with the sleeve & accessories
  • Complete diagnosis & evaluation of the refrigerant level, thermostat, fan motor, wiring & compressor (Saves money on Tune-up. Click here for more info)
  • A comprehensive Steam cleaning (Saves money on Steam Cleaning. Click here for more information)
  • Spray painting the base of the unit, and if required other parts to prevent rust
  • Wrapping & storing your air conditioner at our facility
  • The following spring, we'll come back to re-install your AC with its accessories ready to cool you off


  BENEFITS of AC Winter Storage:

  • Be able to clean & close the windows
  • Get rid of cold drafts
  • Reduce energy bills by consuming less heat
  • Have a beautiful view of outside
  • Enjoy warm winter in your apt
  • Save money on Tune-up and Steam cleaning because our winter storage package already includes tune up, cleaning and steam cleaning

For Thru-the-wall Air Conditioners, PTAC Units

and Central Air

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Neptune Air Conditioning


All air conditioners at our AC winter storage facility are 100% Insured.  We take great precaution and safety measures in order to make sure we provide quality and satisfactory service to all of our clientele. You trust us and we owe you peace of mind. Sometimes things go wrong by chance and in that scenario we want to give our clientele all the possible assurances. If any damage happens to your air conditioner while in our storage, during removal or installation, Neptune Air Conditioning, Inc., guarantees that you will be compensated as below;

If damage is repairable:

It will be repaired FREE OF CHARGE 

If damage is un-repairable:

We will REPLACE THE AC with same model if available in the market or comparative model

OR We will REFUND THE FULL COST OF THE AC per the current market price. Whichever you prefer

AC Winter Storage - Air Conditioner Winter Storage

​Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York City, NYC

 Window AC Storage, Top and Lower mounted AC Storage, Casement Window AC Storage

In winter, do you have cold draft coming into your home through the Window air conditioner? If So, AC Winter Storage is the solution!

Cold draft and Air Conditioner Winter Storage?

People living in high rise buildings, especially in Manhattan, often complain of cold drafts coming into their apartments during winter time. This can be an everyday problem with different solutions. AC Winter Storagean off-site solution, is most effective in terms of the budget and peace of mind. Before hiring a contractor for winter storage, You must consider a well-trained, professional and certified Installers for this service. Every air conditioner has to go through a proper wither storage process. Installers must have OSHA certification in general and NYCDOB requires a Scaffold user certification if using a ladder of 6 feet or more. Neptune's installers posses these required certifications whenever they are on the job. 

Air Conditioning Winter Storage Service Area

Neptune Air Conditioning provides it's full range of Window Air Conditioner AC Winter Storage services in all five boroughs in New York City, NY, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island.